how i knew PR was for me: maroon 5

After writing the post about Good Morning America, I have come to realize I am very lucky when it comes to concerts and TV shows.

Another lucky instance was the Maroon 5 Concert in Atlanta on March 27th, 2013.

One of my best friends, Mary Allison and I bought dirt cheap tickets to the concert just so we could see them live. When we found out Owl City and Neon Trees were the opening acts we got even more excited.

We road tripped from Auburn to Atlanta after our classes that day, making it in time to shop around at Lenox Mall and grab a bite to eat before heading to Philips Arena for the concert.

We started adventuring up the escalators to the very top of Philips Arena, then finally found our nose bleed seats, in the very last row of the arena.

Along with 18,238 people that filled the sold out show we were first captivated by Owl City’s opening performance.

I then noticed a guy with great style talking to 3 little girls and their mom sitting in front of us. The girls shrieked and kept saying

“I cant believe this is happening!!!!!”

Right then I knew what was going on.

Ends up I was right, the guy with the great style was Maroon 5’s PR guy, and before every show he gave deserving fans in sucky seats wristbands to go down to the “Pit” in the front.

I waved at the guy to get his attention, I was not going to let him just walk away.

I then thought how cool of a job would that be, to work PR for an artist, travel with them on tour, then surprise fans by giving them wristbands.

I got to see yet another side of PR, the concert side of PR. I was surprised that PR was so multifaceted that you can do almost anything with a PR job!

After I waved to the guy I hear him say

“These girls are lucky, we only have 2 wristbands left”

He then walked up to us and I said

“You are about to make our lives aren’t you?”

and he replied

“Yes Mam I am!”

He then attached the wrist bands to our wrists and pointed to the pit and said

“That is where your new seats are, go ahead and get down there before Neon Trees comes on!”

I started shaking thinking how could we get so lucky?! My parents had seen Maroon 5 in Birmingham the night before and they invited us to go with them to the concert but Mary Allison and I wanted to go to Atlanta so we could shop, good thing we did!

We could’ve gotten more expensive, better tickets when we initially bought them, but we wouldn’t have been in the section the PR guy visited to hand out wristbands, how lucky?

We then adventured down to the Pit for the rest of the concert.

The Neon Trees guitarist threw his guitar pick at Mary Allison and I and we now split it in half so we could keep it.

We were feet away from Adam Levine all night and have the amazing pictures to prove it:

image (3)image (5)

image (7)image (9)

No Zoom, gotta love it!


“Sunday Morning, Rain is Falling”


“Everybody Talks, babe”

This concert experience was another moment that got me hooked to PR, and I’m so beyond happy it happened.

Since this all happened in Atlanta, I have to quote Usher

Peace up, A-Town down

sign off


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