how i knew PR was for me: nyc

My senior trip was such a blessing, a trip for my family, my mom, dad, little sister (Grace), aunt, and I to go up to the Big Apple for an entire week. We took the trip on my spring break, March of 2012. The year before at the same time they had snow covering the streets, but when we were there, it was perfect spring time in the big city, we could even wear shorts.  We had so many amazing moments in New York, but our Good Morning America experience trumped them all.

Little did we know it was “Hunger Game” week on Good Morning America the week we were there. Grace and I are HUGE Hunger Games fans, and when we found out the cast would be shooting their GMA interviews right down the street from our Times Square Hotel, we had to go, even if that meant waking up at 6:30 AM.

The morning before Magic Day 1 on GMA, my parents woke up early leaving Grace, my aunt, and I passed out asleep exhausted from the traveling we endured the day before. I woke up to a constant buzzing of my phone. I finally answer and it is my mom frantically telling me that the girls from Pretty Little Liars were filming their GMA interviews right down the street, that we had to wake up and get dressed! She had made friends with 2 of the workers on the set of GMA and they were going to get all the PLL girls to stop by and say hey before they went back in the studio,so we had to hurry.

For those of you who don’t know a true Southern mom like mine, they can make friends with anyone, thankfully even the workers on the set of GMA.

So Grace and I started pulling on whatever clothes we could trying to get downstairs and around the block in time, but we did not make it… But Shay Mitchell (Emily in PLL) did say “Hey Macey and Grace” into my mom’s phone while my mom video taped it, but it was during her before iPhone stage, so the phone didn’t actually save the video… bummer right?

So after the missed opportunity with the cast of Pretty Little Liars we knew we had to go back the next day, then we found out Liam Hemsworth was going to be interviewed, so we set our alarm clocks for the earliest we could within reason and were determined to see Liam.

The early morning wake up call did not even bother me because I knew I was about to see the Aussie himself in person. We walked down the block stopping along the way to get a bagel from a street side vendor (so NY right?) a continued speed walking to the GMA set. My mom then reconnected with the sweet workers she had met the day before and introduced us, the girls took pity on us since we missed our chance to meet the PLL cast the day before.

All of the sudden the GMA girls turned around and said the magic words…

“We need a part of the set covered up so it isn’t seen during Liam’s interview, so do ya’ll want to go on the set?”

Well heck yes we do! Suddenly my mom’s friendship with these 2 sweet GMA girls became our ticket onto the set to be on Live National Broadcasted TV! I immediately started shaking and texting everyone I know, telling them to turn on their TVs because we were about to be on Good Morning America!!

Long story short, Liam was beautiful, the Aussie accent is as beautiful in real life as you would imagine, and I did end up being on National Television, my friend took this picture from her TV back in Alabama:


To think I was just feet away from this man makes my life.


So back to the actual reason I wanted to write this post: How I knew PR was for me!

After the interview Liam stepped to the side of the set and we were told we could take pictures with him. Some girls got the chance to, but right when he put his arm around Grace and I (yes arm around my waist, I died and went to heaven) this girl came up and told Liam it was time to go… I felt this twinge of hate for the girl like honey let him take a picture with us then he can go. But when Liam looked down and said

“Sorry I have to go”

in his Aussie accent I was content.

I ended up finding out the girl who told him it was time to leave was his PR girl. So why do I want to go into PR after this girl was the reason I didn’t get to get my picture taken with Liam? I realized how cool of a job would that be, traveling with a star, helping them out and being able to be in the middle of the entertainment industry. I was hooked, and I then realized the poor girl was just doing her job so that initial feeling of “hatred” was gone.

I got to see PR in action, a press tour for a highly anticipated movie!

So that is what initially got me interested in PR and why i call it “Magic Day 1 on GMA

To add to the magic we also met Rachael Ray that day!


Then the next day we didn’t get as lucky with getting on the set with Jennifer Lawrence, instead one of New York’s finest, a NYC Cop chose Grace, myself and another girl from behind the barricade to meet Jennifer. After flashes of the paparazzi’s cameras she waltzed over to us, introduced herself, asked for our names, then we took a picture while she complimented me on my phone case, too cool I tell ya, making it Magic Day 2 on GMA.


Magic Day 3 on GMA was not as magical but we got pretty dang close to

Mr. Josh Hutcherson!


NYC gave me a true taste of PR and I can’t wait to go back, I’ve even considered going back up there to possibly work in PR.

In the best NYC based sign off a TV show has ever given I have to quote Gossip Girl


sign off


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