how i knew PR was for me: kelly clarkson

Back in 2005, I had a run in with PR, and didn’t know it.

Kelly Clarkson was out on her “Hazel Eyes” Tour, and I LOVED Kelly ever since I saw her on American Idol.

One of the local radio stations was having a call in radio contest, you had to answer a question, then you would win 2 tickets for the show the following night and VIP passes to meet Kelly after the show.

I really wanted those tickets, so I decided to call into the radio station even though it was after my bed time, because I was in 5th grade at the time and I had school early the next day. But of course I was worried my parents would come in and see I was still awake so I hid in my closet to make the calls. I called probably over 20 times, then I finally hear

“This is the … show, you are calling in about winning the Kelly Clarkson tickets,”

They then proceeded to read out the question I had to answer to win the tickets, it had something to do with a triangle, from what I can remember.

Of course being a 5th grade girl I didn’t know the answer to the question, but I knew who would, my dad who is an engineer and is very good at math, since it seemed like a math question.

So I ran frantically out of my closet, not even worried that my parents would be mad that I was still awake. I ran into the living room with the phone pressed to my face, and before my mom could express how mad she was I shouted,

“I’m on the phone with 103.7 about winning Kelly Clarkson tickets for the concert tomorrow night and I’m on a time crunch so dad has to answer this question!!!”

I then read the question to my dad, he thought about it for a second, then rambled off an answer, that ended up being right.

I then told the radio person the answer and heard

“Congrats Macey, you just won tickets to see Kelly Clarkson tomorrow night at Boutwell Auditorium”

I thanked them, gave them my information so I could pick up the tickets, and hung up the phone and screamed that I had actually won something off the radio.

A midst the excitement I thought of what the heck I was going to wear to the concert, since it was the next night. My dad then told me to put on some shoes we were going to the store to get a new outfit. We ran into the local Kohls right before they closed for the night, but once we explained what had just happened, they let us come in and grab a fabulous outfit!

The next night was the concert, I was overwhelmed since it was my first big stadium concert. The Auditorium was sold out and she put on a fantastic show! We then waited around after the show to meet her, I was the first person in line to meet her!

We have pictures… but that was my pre-braces phase, so I won’t put it up but it is so cool that I got to meet her!

I got to see the Radio side of PR with winning the tickets. The radio contest is meant to spark interest in the concert, and if you didn’t get to see the artist this time around, you would definitely try to see them next time they came in town.

sign off


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