my first press release

Back a few weeks ago, on my second day at Robins & Morton, my boss walked over to my desk, put examples of press releases on my desk and asked me to write one before the end of the day. At that point I was still the freaked out, very shy intern, and didn’t know what to do, I had never been taught how to write a press release. That approach ended up being the best way to learn, I was forced to teach myself and I ended up writing one pretty dang good press release!

Today I got to send my press release out to different magazines and newspapers, including the biggest newspapers in the cities Robins & Morton has offices in, a grand total of 19 publications and 7 major cities. Fingers crossed a publisher likes it enough to publish it!

I now feel comfortable writing press releases and following through with the process by sending the release to people to get it published.

sign off


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