intern necessities: the purse

the purse

Dressing professionally for an internship or job is important. A girl’s purse is a staple in a wardrobe but is also absolutely essential in the office.

Here are some staple pieces you need in your purse to ensure you have everything you need during those long 8-5 work days:

The bag itself: Make sure your bag is professional looking. I’m not saying you must have a brand name super expensive purse, just remember it shouldn’t be a cheap looking bag.


Tide-to-go pen: I never realized how often I would eat my lunch at my desk so I could just keep working on my work for the day. Every once in a while, my clumsy self would end up with a stain on my pencil skirt. A Tide-to-go pen will save your pencil skirt from that pesky stain. You never know when you will see your company’s CEO in the office, and you definitely don’t want a stain from your lunch earlier causing a sour first impression.

A notepad and pen: You always want to be prepared. If you are out of the office and need to jot down some notes or even compose a to-do list of things you need to do when you get back to the office, a notepad and pen would come in handy.

A hair tie: There were numerous days in the office where I needed to get my hair out of my face so I could focus on the project at hand. Ponytails don’t usually look necessarily professional, so you can throw your hair up in a ponytail at your desk then just take it down when you are done.


Eye drops: I usually wear my glasses, but on the off-chance I wore my contacts to the office, I usually had to use eye drops. After staring at a computer screen all day, your eyes could use some help. Have a travel size of eye drops in your purse because there is nothing worse than dry eyes at the office.

Aspirin: You never know when that headache will strike. I have bad migraines from time to time so I usually kept a couple of aspirin in my purse because you have to stay focused on your work even if you have the world’s worst migraine.

Band-aids: Your Nine West “power heels” make you feel like the young professional you want to be, but “power heels” usually come at a price. Make sure you have a couple of band-aids in your purse so if your “power heels” start to rub you the wrong way, you can have some relief. There is nothing worse than painfully walking around in heels, plus painfully walking around in heels is just funny looking.

The items listed above are some of the staple pieces I always keep in my purse. Hopefully, if you have these necessities in your purse, you will always be prepared for whatever your internship or job throws at you.

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