intern necessities: the organization app

Being organized will make you a great intern, student or employee.

At school, I have at least two to three meetings a week, and you don’t want to forget about something.

That’s where the Mynd organization app comes in handy.

I took screenshots of the app so I can show the amazing benefits this app can provide.

Things to do

This is the main screen of the app. The top has the date because you can see different days in this view.

The top left tile gives you a simplified view of what is the next thing on your calendar for the day. This is helpful because you see just one thing instead of searching through a calendar view.

The top right tile has weather information for your current location. (see below for more weather information)

The middle left tile syncs with your LinkedIn account, so you have the people you usually do business with right there on the main screen.

The middle right tile will save locations you usually travel to. When I drove to campus from my apartment it would give me a standard drive time so I could plan when I need to leave my apartment to make it to class or a meeting on time.

The bottom left tile links with your iOS reminders app so everything is in one app, right there at your fingertips.

The bottom right tile tells you how many things you have left on your calendar for the day, if you click the box it’ll bring you to the list view of everything you have to do for the day.


The weather screen is very helpful.

Once you click on the weather tile in the main screen you get all the information you need, how humid it is outside, the chance of rain for the day, even what time the sun will rise and set.

I love the simplicity of this app because you can see the information you need, no more information getting lost in an app.

Schedule meeting

You then can schedule a meeting right from the app by clicking the + button in the top-right of the main page, then click Mynd Scheduler. In the attendees section, you can type in emails to send the meeting invitation to your colleagues.


You can then add things to your calendar straight from the app. It works just like an event in your iOS calendar. The great thing about this part of the app is if you are running late you just hit the button on the bottom right of the screen,

Running late

this screen will then pop up, all you have to do is type in who you need to inform you are late.

Free at last

The app has funny little sayings, like when nothing is left on your calendar, it will say FREE AT LAST or PLAYTIME.

When you have a million things to do, this app is the perfect thing to keep your life organized.

sign off


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