resume writing


Your resume is your “this is why I am awesome” outline of all your experience.

After your freshman year of college, you should have nothing related to your high school glory days, other than where you graduated from and what kind of diploma you received.

Your resume should stay about a page length, so you may have to condense the information or even delete some information.

As an upcoming junior in college, I have already had to delete some not as important information from my resume to keep the more important information in the page length.

As I mentioned in another post, do not be afraid to ask your boss for help when writing your resume. Your boss most likely has looked at plenty of resumes in their day, and they know how to word your new internship experience so other people outside that company will understand it.


Top of Resume

Name, email address, address, phone number


High school: Name of High School, Graduation date, type of diploma

College: Name of college, Graduation date, major/ type of diploma


College Experience: College name, Club, details

Internship/Work Experience: Place of Experience, Address, Title, Date of Experience, details


List any programs, websites, etc. you are proficient in.


If you have any questions about resumes, leave a comment below.

You can see a copy of my resume here.

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