adventure around: american village

american village

Today I got to celebrate Memorial Day at American Village in Montevallo, Ala.

Today is a day of remembrance, of all the great soldiers that have served our country, indeed Freedom isn’t free.

Here are some shots around the recreation of a colonial village:

George Washington's chair

George Washington

President George Washington



President Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln

Oval Office Clock

Oval Office Eagle

Oval Office

It’s not every day you get to sit in a recreation of the Oval Office.

Oval Office Rug

George Washington Hall

Alabama's Fallen Heroes

A beautiful remembrance of Alabama’s fallen heroes.


Dad and I in the stockade.

Lady Statue


Air Force

Branches of the Armed Forces

Purple Heart

A Purple Heart


Liberty Bell

A recreation of the Liberty Bell

Close-up Liberty Bell

Statue and Wreath

Grand Hall

George Washington and flag

Who knew a beautiful recreation of our country’s history is right around the corner from Birmingham in Montevallo.


American Village

3727 Alabama 119, Montevallo, AL 35115

Hopefully ya’ll can {adventure around}

|all pictures taken by yours truly|

sign off


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