adventure around: souvenirs


Adventuring around leads to great experiences.

You have pictures that remind you of your trip, but my aunt started a great tradition that I picked up.

My friends make fun of me (as they should), that I am a 19 year old that collects magnets like an old lady.

Little do they know, I have a cool plan for these magnets so I can remember all my fun trips.

bulletin board

Above, is a bulletin board map where you can put in pins where you have visited.

I want to add a Macey twist to that, a fun DIY.

I will take a piece of stainless steel, the exact material that gets the magnets to hang on your fridge.

Then just put the magnets on their spot on the map, in the same fashion you would put a pin like in the picture above.

I think later down the road when I have more and more magnets it will be a cool staple piece on my home’s walls.

So those cheesy magnets people used to collect have a new way of being presented other than just hanging on your fridge. They can be a piece of art made from your experiences.


Los Angeles, Calif. // New York City, N.Y. // San Francisco, Calif. // Asheville, N.C. //New Orleans, La. // Nashville, Tenn. // Knoxville, Tenn. // Santa Monica, Calif.

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