your perfect trip

perfect trip

When it comes to traveling, it never hurts to be prepared.

You can look on Pintrest all day long for traveling tips, but I thought it would be great to have all of the information in one place.


You are going to this super cool place, but you only have a week there and you want to make sure you make the most of your trip.

That’s where an itinerary comes in handy.

When we planned my trip to NYC, I looked on Pintrest the best places in the city to go.

I then could start figuring out what all I wanted to see in the seven short days I was there, instead of wasting time while I was actually there.

I found an Excel or Google spreadsheet works best.

(The Google spreadsheet can be uploaded to the app and you can get directions straight from the app)


There’s a section of my NYC itinerary.

At first I just entered all the information then you can sort it by “part of town” because you want to see everything in that section of the town while you are there.

I went through and highlighted the things I would die if I didn’t get to see them.

Make sure to include the exact address so if you need to put it in your phone to get directions you already have them.

Hours are also very important because you don’t want to travel all the way across town to go visit somewhere to find it closed.

You should also include if there is a cost to go to certain attractions, some of the attractions were a part of the NY Pass my family bought, but The Frick Collection was not a part of that.

You want to make sure you have this money available if you want to visit attractions that cost money.

If you want to see the entire itinerary please just comment below, I would love to share my research!


One cool app and website I found for our upcoming California trip is called roadtrippers.


We are driving from San Francisco to Big Sur, so I input the starting and ending location.

You then click one of the buttons on the left side of the screen, if you need to find a hotel, click accommodation and little zzz icons will pop up with all the information you need.

When I first found this website I clicked all of the options and found some cool California things to do, that I would have never found other wise.

Like I said above, it is a website and an app, so you can see everything on your big computer screen then it syncs to the app where you can pull up the information on the trip.


You have done the research for your trip, now you actually have to get there.

I’ve had my fair share of issues flying, I was stuck out in LA due to plane issues that would’ve caused the plane to crash if we would’ve gotten on it (yep serious issues).

Here’s some basic information about flights so things can be simple!


I love infographics, so I found this one that has everything you need to know about flights in one place.

As any traveler should know, you should always arrive to the airport a few hours before your flight to make sure you have time to go through security and find your gate. You would rather be super early than miss your flight


My aunt, who is a seasoned traveler, always reminds me to really think about what I pack.

She has an important tip for international travel: Do not wear your most fashionable logo-covered clothes.

I love my Louis Vuitton but I would never travel with it.

You don’t want to draw attention that you’re American (what pickpocketers look for) you want to blend in.

I stumbled upon this packing list on the Food a La Fac blog, it’s a perfect “do not over pack” packing list.

You can click on the picture to visit her post about international travel.


Packing light is key, because who wants fees from the airline because your bag is too heavy?

It’s the best to pack neutrals that all can be interchanged into different outfits!

Everyone wants to be comfortable, but dress cute, you’ll regret looking back at your trip pictures and you look like you were headed to class in your nike shorts and t-shirts.

What I pack in my carry-on:

A tablet: So you can watch pre-loaded movies on the plane or during layovers.

Earphones: Bring earphones so you can watch those pre-loaded movies or music.

Chargers: If you have a long layover your phone may die, so bring your charger in your carry-on just in case.

A sleeping mask: If you want to try to sleep on the flight a sleeping mask will help block that light and get some good rest.

A light jacket: You never know if the plane will be cold so bring a jacket just in case.

Your wallet: Obviously, you need all your money and plane tickets.


You’ve traveled to this super cool place, what token from this place are you going to bring home?


Click on the picture above to what I plan to do with my souvenir of choice, magnets.

I love traveling and I hope to be able to go to all of the places on my list.

Here’s my Pintrest “places” board, that has tips for traveling and places I want to travel to:

sign off


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