true colors

true colorsIf you have never taken the True Colors personality test, you need to.

You will be amazed at your results, when I read the description that went along with the colors I got, my scores tied, I’m a Gold/ Blue mix, I was like whoa that’s exactly me!

In the PDF below, you will take the test and read about each true color, Gold, Blue, Orange and Green.

Why are personality tests important?

There is an At Work section, that shows you what you bring to your work environment.

One of the things it mentioned for me was my attention to detail, and yes I am SUPER organized.

In the Leadership Style portion you can see your strengths, so if you are put in a leadership position you can play up these strengths.


In one of the organizations I am involved in on Auburn’s campus, we had 45 freshman and we needed to break them up into groups.

Before we split them up we got them to take the True Colors test.

This made sure that we did not have a group of all Orange personalities, or all Gold personalities, you want a good mix when you put people in groups.


True Colors Personality Quiz

Ya’ll take the quiz and see what personality True Color you are!

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