4 thoughts on “a guide to blogging

    • I found two fonts that I love, and downloaded them to my computer! You can find free fonts like the ones I used on pintrest! Then I just typed it into Word, made sure the two fonts were proportionate with each other (one wasn’t bigger than the other) and used the snipping tool to save the document as a picture! The snipping tool is essentially a screen shot! I have a Dell computer so the following instructions are for a Dell system:

      You can search Snipping Tool from your start menu and it should come up no problem. Just click to open it, then you may have to click new. Your screen will then go a transparent grey. Take your mouse and choose whatever part of the screen you want to save. Once you let go of the mouse a separate screen will pop up with the part of the screen you selected! Then click save and it’ll be saved as a picture!

      I hope that makes sense!

  1. Macey, thanks for the tips! I actually didn’t know a lot of it, so I think my blogging’s going to improve after reading this! Thanks! Silly question probably, but I haven’t figured out how to make a word or phrase link to another site…so if it says “you can read my post ’16 Days’ for the full story”, how do I make 16 Days highlighted so people can click it and be taken there? Like you did in this post with “about me” and “FYI”?? Thanks!

    • Hey! You’re so welcome I’m so happy they can help you! First you will highlight the ’16 days’ text, then you will go back up to the tool bar where you can bold the text, etc. You will click the Link button, it’s next to the right align button! A pop up screen will then prompt you to enter the web address you want to link to. It’s best to check the box “open in new tab” so the reader can come back to your post in the tab. Your reader will then be able to click the text you highlighted to read the whole story. I hope that helps and if you have any other questions, or this explanation is a little confusing, please feel free to ask!

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