au revoir internship

au revoir internshipAs you prepare to bid adieu to your summer internship there are a few things you need to do before your last day on the job.

LinkedIn– Join LinkedIn, if you haven’t already, and connect with your co-workers and bosses from your internship this summer. LinkedIn is the professional world’s Facebook, a well filled out LinkedIn profile could help you get a job in the future.

Recommendation letters– Politely ask your boss and co-workers you worked closely with to write a recommendation letter about how you performed as an intern. It is common courtesy to ask two weeks before your last day, so the person writing the letter has adequate time to write it. A recommendation letter gives future employers insight on how you function in the work place based on past experience.

Resume– Get your boss or a co-worker to help you word your summer experience, so others will understand what skills you gained at the internship. My internship last summer was at a construction and engineering company so my work was focused on those fields, but with help from my boss my experience was worded so people who are not familiar with those fields could understand.

sign off



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