summer ’15 internships already?

Just like that, summer is gone…

Now I’ve moved back to Auburn with a new room!


Now it is time to help my sorority during Panhellenic Recruitment then school!

A few things you can do to prepare for next summer’s internships:

Study hard- A better GPA can set you apart from other applicants!

It’s easy to get to college and get over involved from sororites to on campus organizations, but your first priority is SCHOOL!


Research early- Look online at the end of the fall semester to see what internships will be available so you won’t be in a time crunch come spring semester.

You can sign up for Simply Hired daily alerts for available internships! Every day I get an email of new PR internships in Nashville I may never have known about!


It’s crazy that summer just ended, yet you should already start thinking about next summer’s internships…

Applications usually go out for summer internships in January, so it doesn’t hurt to go ahead and research.

Especially if you are wanting to intern in a city that is not your hometown like me!


If you have any questions please let me know!

sign off


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