it’s almost October?

 All of the sudden I look in my Kate Spade calendar and realize that this semester is already almost half way over…

In the South everyone’s fall semester revolves around college football, especially here at Auburn.

I even got to mess around in our stadium, Jordan Hare:

jordan hare

This semester has been great, but oh so busy!

I had the great honor to be invited to our President’s mansion for a Student Leader dinner with one of my best friends another member of our FLP executive team. This dinner brought together student leaders from all different organizations, it was so interesting to talk to other leaders about their organizations!


I am involved in an on campus organization, Freshman Leadership Program.

We just had our interview process, where we went from 1,200 applicants (the most we have EVER had) to extending interviews to 800 of those applicants, to ultimately selecting 405 freshmen to be members of our program.

Making selections from 1,200 to 405 makes for a very interesting, stressful but fun week of interviews.

For 7 school days I was up in our Involvement Office from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to check the applicants in and organize our staff for their interviews, only leaving for class!

At the end of this sleep deprived week we got to take part in my favorite Auburn tradition, CALL OUTS!

There’s a beautiful building on campus, Cater Hall. On the back steps of this historic Auburn building is where call outs take place. The members of the organization stand in front of the crowd of anxious applicants and then proceed to literally “call out” the names of those who are selected to be in their organization.

Here’s my favorite picture from the night, a night I will cherish.


That’s me in the suit by the banister!

After the craziness of FLP interviews was over I am now back to focusing on school 100%.

This semester has been so fun because I am in an Intro to Public Relations class, where I get to write press releases and learn more about the field I am so excited to work in some day!

Hopefully I will have more free time this semester and I’ll be able to post more often!

sign off


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