growing pains

Remember when you were little and you thought your 20-year-old babysitter was so old? You wondered “wow what is the life of a 20-year-old like? It must be so cool and grown up!”

Well now I’m 20 and I’m feeling pretty old.

We are growing up, that’s scary.

I’ve got my classes all set for my junior spring, I only have THREE semesters of college left…

Friends are starting to celebrate the big 21 birthday, you can’t believe it’s finally your friends!

It’s about that time, friends are looking at grad schools and a few looking at law schools, some friends even getting early acceptance to Pharmacy School.

Soon we will have to start shopping for “real” clothes because our big t-shirts and Nike shorts won’t cut it in an office.

Soon we won’t be living in the same towns as our friends, we could be in cities all over the country.

Soon we will be living in the real world, paying bills, working 8-5, the whole deal.

As sad as all of that is, there is one great thing I mentioned earlier: we have three semesters of college left!

In those three semesters I plan to travel, hang out with friends, root for my Auburn Tigers in the fall, and even try to get the most out of my classes.

Finals week will always be awful, but after a great Christmas break with the family, a fun spring semester awaits!

sign off


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