the want to adventure around

Now that it’s Christmas break I have plenty of time to run away from responsibilities.

This has led to some time just sitting on the couch watching TV, where I’ve become obsessed with the Travel Channel.

Just today I got to see people travel to New Zealand and around the U.S.

This leads to my want to adventure around.


I finally have my passport so it’s time to start thinking of cool places I can go, and start saving the money to go on these trips. That’s the thing that makes this wanderlust so difficult, you have to have the funds to go on these fun trips.

I’m excited about the three trips I have planned for next semester:

This January I will be going back to Washington D.C. to participate in the March For Life.

From my previous posts about D.C., it’s obvious I have a love for this historical city, and that I get to go for MFL makes it even more important.

I also get to experience this important trip with one of my best friends so that makes it even more special.

My next trip I have booked is a cruise for spring break!

I will be cruising around the Caribbean with 35 of my closest friends, my sorority sisters, for four days of sun, sand and hopefully some snorkeling.

Even though we are going to the Bahamas, just a hop and a skip away from Florida, this will be my first time out of the country EVER and I’m so super pumped about it.

I’m a sucker for a good sunset, and I’ve heard the Caribbean has some pretty fantastic sunsets, so be ready for a good amount of pictures of the sun meeting the horizon in March.

My next trip is a super important trip, my little sister’s graduation from high school trip.

For my trip back in 2012 we went to The Big Apple, but this time we are adventuring to the West Coast, conquering the state of California in a week.

We will fly into San Francisco first: adventure around Fisherman’s Wharf, ride a trolley or two, bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, and visit the Painted Ladies, one of the houses Full House was filmed in, just to name a few.

Then we will drive to Muir National State Park to see the famous redwoods.

Next we will drive down the coast stopping in Big Sur and Carmel along the way, then finally ending in Los Angeles.

Again, as my previous posts have stated, I have a love for LA. Last time I was in Hollywood I was there for a National Championship football game, this time I get to adventure around the studio city even more.

I get to ride the Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel like a little kid again, walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and hopefully a few things we didn’t get to do last time, like hike up to the Hollywood sign, that’s a definite adventure for this trip.

I’m so excited for the three trips I have planned for this semester, and now that I FINALLY have a passport, the options of places to travel are limitless.

I may have to go back through my “Oh, the places you’ll {hopefully} go” travel list, pick a place, and start saving for that trip.

So now I’m going to continue watching way too much Travel Channel episodes and adding pins to my “Places” Pinterest board.

sign off


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