adventure around: the bahamas and key west


First cruise and first trip out of the country.

The past week has been one of the best weeks of my life.

I adventured around The Bahamas and Key West with 34 of my sweet sorority sisters.

We were on the Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas cruise ship that went out of Miami.


First, we had to get from Auburn, Alabama to Miami, Florida.

002 (2)

After a seven hour car ride we made it to Orlando.

That afternoon you could find us by Anna’s pool where you could smell orange blossom from a neighbor’s yard or at night in Anna’s TV room where I watched Lost for the first time (and now I’m addicted).

Day 1: Orlando → Miami & on board The Majesty of the Seas

The next morning it was time to get back on the Florida Turnpike to head down to Miami.

The drive was not too terrible and we got to drive through downtown Miami to get to the ship.

065 (2)

After a quick trip through security and check-in we of course had to get a cheesy “welcome aboard picture.”

We stopped by our quaint little stateroom to put on our bathing suits to head up to the pool.


Quaint if just a nice word for tiny but Stateroom 3555 was the perfect home for Suzanne and I for the week.

We then head up to the pool deck to soak up some sun and see Miami from the ship before we depart.

005 crop


After the Muster Drill it was time to get ready for dinner.

We had the 6:30 seating dinner each night with our awesome servers Nower and Vinicius.

I’m a foodie so yes I took a picture of every meal, especially with the food being “all you can eat”

Dinner night 1

A Caesar salad

A bite of Escargot (I surprisingly liked it)

003 (2)

Horseradish Salmon with mashed potatoes

004 (2)

BBB (Baileys, Bananas and Biscotti) Creme Brulee


After dinner we walked outside the restaurant there was a live band and a little stage in front of the band, so we made it a dance floor.

People were starting to take videos of us dancing, it’s hard to not get people’s attention when there’s 35 of us.


After our dance party we headed to the Spectrum lounge to sing Karaoke, where we ended up going 3/4 nights.

We sang the classics, some Britney Spears and Whitney Houston.

I could hardly sleep that night because the next day, our day in Nassau, was my first day out of the country.

Day 2: Nassau

057 (2)

We woke up super early in the Bahamas because we had to grab breakfast before our excursion, snorkeling and sailing on a Catamaran.


024 (2)


We got to see all different kinds of fish and we were just swimming right there next to them!

It took a while to get used to the snorkeling equipment but it was so fun once I got the hang of it.

023 (2)

027 (2)

After snorkeling we got sail around the other side of the island where we got to see more crystal blue water and beautiful houses.


When we got back to the island we made our way to Senor Frogs, a fun ocean side restaurant and bar.

035 (2)

037 (2)

038 (2)

039 (2)

Senor Frogs is an interesting little island place with a great atmosphere.

048 (2)

This may had been $12 guacamole but it was made right in front of me and it was delicious!

Oh and the Goombay Smash was delicious too.

017 (2)

After Senor Frogs it was time to adventure around the rest of Nassau.

034 (2)

051 (2)

Right in front of the shops there was a man selling shells, starfish and puffer fish right off his little boat.

052 (2)

053 (2)

Our next stop was the Straw Market.

054 (2)

There must have been over 100 little shops with everything you could ever want.

I got a unique handmade straw beach bag from a sweet older lady, Lorena.

055 (2)

Then I went to another shop to get my usual souvenir, a fridge magnet.

056 (2)

Life truly was better in the Bahamas.

After buying a few more souvenirs for the family it was time to head back to the boat to get ready for dinner.

Dinner night 2


Chicken with Green Apple, Walnuts and Blue Cheese dressing

Lobster Bisque (not too great so I didn’t take a picture of it)

Steak with herb butter, mashed potatoes and broccoli


Chocolate souffle with Espresso sauce


and last but not least chocolate sensation

Yes that’s two appetizers, a main course and two desserts.


After dinner we went to the theater to watch the comedy act.

The opener was a man dressed like a modern clown that squeaked like Alvin and the Chipmunks…

The main act was a magician, Greg Moreland.

He had so many great tricks, a really cool knife through the neck trick.


After our minds were blown by the magician it was time for the Love and Marriage game show, where three couples are put to the test. One couple married for 4 days, one for 15 years and one for 45 years (Phyllis and Jim our favorites).

The questions were interesting, we got to know a little too much about the couples.


We ended the night at the pizza buffet to grab a late night snack then head to bed for the long day ahead in Coco Cay.

Day 3: Coco Cay

I can’t put into words how beautiful this island was.

From sitting on the beach to adventuring on a sand bar with wild sting rays and sharks it was an eventful day.


We brought our own floats so we got to just relax in the water all day.

We didn’t get a lot of pictures on phones but the Go Pros were in capturing everything.


“On an island in the sun, we were playin’ and havin’ fun”


002 (3)

There was the coolest ring of rainbow around the sun.


The water was so beautiful, pictures don’t even do it justice.


After a long day in the sun and sand we headed back to the boat to get ready for another yummy dinner!

Dinner night 3


Scallops with bread crumbs

My first time trying scallops and I actually really liked them


Chilled coconut and lychee soup

I didn’t like it at all, chilled soup is just weird


Leg of Lamb with mashed potatoes and green beans


and Key Lime Pie


After dinner we went back up to the Spectrum lounge for Karaoke.

The ship staff started to give us shouts outs because we were regular Karaoke singers.

After Karaoke we stayed in the Spectrum lounge for Battle of the Sexes.

I now know not to volunteer to participate in games like this after an embarrassing part of the game I took part in.


After my embarrassment we stayed in the lounge again for the Quest game show, a huge game of hide and seek.

Another hysterical game show where boys dressed up like girls, bras and all.


005 (2)

After the game show where our team got 3rd place we went up to the pool deck to see the moon, it was a scarlet red color.

Keeping with the tradition we got pizza then headed to bed to get ready for a fun day in Key West.

Day 4: Key West


When we got off the boat we walked to the Southernmost point of the United States.




Key West is one of my new favorite places, I wish we would’ve had more time to explore.

Right around the corner from the Southernmost point there was a man selling fresh coconuts out of his pick-up truck, they even drilled the hole in the coconut right there in front of me.

067 cropped

The colors are just so beautiful, from the houses to the flowers, it’s just a pretty place.












For lunch we went to Blue Heaven, and let me tell you they really do mean heaven.




Of course I had to get another fridge magnet in the gift shop.


My meal was delicious, a shrimp melt with the best coleslaw I’ve ever had. It had cilantro and red pepper flakes in it so it was very different.


The restaurant had an eclectic feel with art everywhere you looked.


Roosters were everywhere you turned in the place, they just walked around.



The dining area was shaded by sail boat sails, so you were still outside but could cool off.




When in Key West you have to get Key Lime Pie


or even better Key Lime Pie on a stick dipped in chocolate.


After walking around beautiful Key West all day it was time to head back on the boat for dinner, but first we had to soak up the view.


Dinner night 4


Caprese salad


Delicious Garlic Tiger Shrimp


and Tiramisu

We had to sneak out of dinner to see the sunset but it was totally worth it.



After a trip to the Spanish dance club, Boleros, and another trip to the Spectrum lounge to dance some more it was time for another slice of late night pizza then head to bed to get off the boat bright and early the next morning.


We got to see the sun rise through the clouds in Miami, then a short trip through customs we were headed to the car for our 11 hour car ride home.


This week was perfect.

I was with my friends in three beautiful places eating delicious food, it can’t get any better than that.


Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas

Nassau, Bahamas

Coco Cay, Bahamas

Key West, Florida

Blue Heaven (729 Thomas St, Key West, FL 33040)


Hopefully ya’ll can {adventure around}

|all pictures taken by yours truly|

sign off


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