the internship: a fantastic first week

the internship

The first week of an internship is such an exciting time, from your first day to meeting all your co-workers.

After a busy spring semester at school I am back in Birmingham, Alabama interning at Markstein Consulting.


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summer ’15 internships already?

Just like that, summer is gone…

Now I’ve moved back to Auburn with a new room!


Now it is time to help my sorority during Panhellenic Recruitment then school!

A few things you can do to prepare for next summer’s internships:

Study hard- A better GPA can set you apart from other applicants!

It’s easy to get to college and get over involved from sororites to on campus organizations, but your first priority is SCHOOL!

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au revoir internship

au revoir internshipAs you prepare to bid adieu to your summer internship there are a few things you need to do before your last day on the job.

LinkedIn– Join LinkedIn, if you haven’t already, and connect with your co-workers and bosses from your internship this summer. LinkedIn is the professional world’s Facebook, a well filled out LinkedIn profile could help you get a job in the future.

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the thank you note

thank you note

After an interview it is always a good idea to send a thank you note.

Yes, a thank you note.

This note can be the icing on the cake after a great interview.

This not only puts your name out there again, it shows your appreciation to the interviewer for their time during the interview process.

Make sure to:

Remember who interviewed you

Obviously you have to know who to address the note to.

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intern necessities: the purse

the purse

Dressing professionally for an internship or job is important. A girl’s purse is a staple in a wardrobe but is also absolutely essential in the office.

Here are some staple pieces you need in your purse to ensure you have everything you need during those long 8-5 work days:

The bag itself: Make sure your bag is professional looking. I’m not saying you must have a brand name super expensive purse, just remember it shouldn’t be a cheap looking bag.


Tide-to-go pen: I never realized how often I would eat my lunch at my desk so I could just keep working on my work for the day. Every once in a while, my clumsy self would end up with a stain on my pencil skirt. A Tide-to-go pen will save your pencil skirt from that pesky stain. You never know when you will see your company’s CEO in the office, and you definitely don’t want a stain from your lunch earlier causing a sour first impression.

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