it’s almost October?

 All of the sudden I look in my Kate Spade calendar and realize that this semester is already almost half way over…

In the South everyone’s fall semester revolves around college football, especially here at Auburn.

I even got to mess around in our stadium, Jordan Hare:

jordan hare

This semester has been great, but oh so busy!

I had the great honor to be invited to our President’s mansion for a Student Leader dinner with one of my best friends another member of our FLP executive team. This dinner brought together student leaders from all different organizations, it was so interesting to talk to other leaders about their organizations!


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social media


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how i knew PR was for me: maroon 5

After writing the post about Good Morning America, I have come to realize I am very lucky when it comes to concerts and TV shows.

Another lucky instance was the Maroon 5 Concert in Atlanta on March 27th, 2013.

One of my best friends, Mary Allison and I bought dirt cheap tickets to the concert just so we could see them live. When we found out Owl City and Neon Trees were the opening acts we got even more excited.

We road tripped from Auburn to Atlanta after our classes that day, making it in time to shop around at Lenox Mall and grab a bite to eat before heading to Philips Arena for the concert.

We started adventuring up the escalators to the very top of Philips Arena, then finally found our nose bleed seats, in the very last row of the arena.

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internship I

My first college summer has become my realization into the world that waits for me after college.

I’m not spending my summer going to the beach and the lake and getting tan, I’m working towards my future with an internship. I work 40 hours a week, sitting in my own little cubicle, dressed in business clothes, getting a true feel of the “big girl world.”

After the 2012 Christmas party, I emailed my now boss, Melissa, the Marketing Manager at Robins & Morton, to see if they had any job openings for the summer, since every other summer I made my money by nannying. A few months later she emailed me asking if I would want the marketing internship, and of course I would! Robins & Morton is such a great company and my dad has loved working there as an engineer, so I knew I would enjoy my summer working for the Construction and Engineering company.

Starting the day after I turned 19, on June 3rd I started work at Robins & Morton as a Marketing Intern. I have been working at Robins & Morton for over a month now and I can’t believe the summer has flown by so fast. In this time I have discovered PR is what I enjoy, and I have even found a new love of graphics after working on the R&M website with the help of my co-worker, who is skilled in Graphic Design and PR. This new love will hopefully lead to a Graphic Design minor at Auburn.

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